2018 IFC Executive Board

  President:  Peter Driscoll                                Fraternity:  Kappa Sigma

President: Peter Driscoll                               Fraternity: Kappa Sigma

  Executive VP:  Blaise Bucey                          Fraternity:  Kappa Sigma

Executive VP: Blaise Bucey                         Fraternity: Kappa Sigma

  VP of Finance:  Anish Aggarwal                    Fraternity:  Phi Kappa Psi

VP of Finance: Anish Aggarwal                   Fraternity: Phi Kappa Psi

  VP of Recruitment:  Lance Padgett            Fraternity:  Phi Delta Theta

VP of Recruitment: Lance Padgett           Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta

  VP of Communications:  Max Harberg          Fraternity:  Zeta Beta Tau

VP of Communications: Max Harberg         Fraternity: Zeta Beta Tau

  VP of Judicial Affairs:  Kevin Langley                  Fraternity:  Sigma Chi

VP of Judicial Affairs: Kevin Langley                 Fraternity: Sigma Chi

  VP of Greek Relations:  Will Douglass.           Fraternity:  Kappa Alpha

VP of Greek Relations: Will Douglass.          Fraternity: Kappa Alpha

  VP of Philanthropy:  Landon Hackley.        Fraternity:  Pi Kappa Alpha

VP of Philanthropy: Landon Hackley.       Fraternity: Pi Kappa Alpha

Peter Driscoll highlights his agenda in his letter to IFC


Blaise Bucey is the new Executive Vice President. He has served in several rush positions for his fraternity, Kappa Sig, as well as their judicial committee. He has also acted as the VP of Philanthropy for Longhorn Kiva and previously served on IFC as a Risk Reduction Director. With all of these experiences in mind, he first hopes to bring change to the rush process by aiding kids from smaller towns or from out-of-state find a fraternity. Similarly, he wants to help smaller fraternities grow and bigger ones reach a more diverse group of kids. Finally, he wants to cultivate a more interactive philanthropic spirit within Texas’s Greek Community.


Anish Aggarwal is the VP of Finance for IFC and has previously served as Director of Philanthropy for the past 2 years. His goals center around increased chapter input for finances. Deliverables include a proactive budgeting system, standardized accounting forms, and a hollistic dues collection system. Anish is a Finance student at the University of Texas at Austin. He founded Top Tier Learning, a nationwide peer-to-peer tutoring company, and has experience in corporate finance, private equity, and investment banking roles. His hobbies include traveling, spending time with friends, and convincing his friends why the Chicago Cubs will win it all.


Lance Padgett is finance major from Tulsa, Oklahoma who hopes to go to dental school after graduation. He has served his chapter as Secretary of the Executive Committee and Rush Captain. He aims to help incoming freshman find the fraternity that suits them best. Lance hopes to grow the overall number of potential members by increasing awareness of IFC recruitment during summer orientations. Through orientation events, email outreach, banners, flyers, and a booklet highlighting every IFC chapter at Texas, incoming freshman will be more educated on the landscape of fraternity life at UT. In addition, IFC will work to aid chapters grow and find better men through expansion of the IFC List, a contact spreadsheet of rushees. The overall goal of IFC Recruitment is to facilitate communication to new potential members


Max Harberg is an Advertising Major from Dallas. He is a 3rd generation legacy to Texas IFC. He hopes to go into music event production/marketing and management after college. For ZBT he has served as Freshman Class Secretary, a build captain for Pat O's, a Rush Lieutenant and is currently the Nationals Representative and a Rush Captain. His goal is to ensure the reputation of the IFC system at the University of Texas to protect the 100+ years of tradition. He plans to help fraternities learn best practices from each other and keep the interfraternity council organized. He wants to ensure Roundup and any event put on by IFC is is managed efficiently and successfully. He also wants to create an IFC-wide social calendar, a Co-operative purchasing program, and highlight the strengths of all IFC chapters.


Kevin Langley is a sophomore Sigma Chi, from Newport Beach, California. He is currently in the McCombs school of Business studying management information systems. This year, Kevin wants to completely reform the judicial board into a critical part of the IFC. In past years, the judicial board has gone almost completely unused due to complicated processes and reluctance to adjudicate. Kevin will be working with my board this year to create a standard process of adjudication and to update the constitution to be less wordy and easier to understand. Kevin also plans on granting more access of the judicial board policies to fraternities within the IFC in order to increase transparency. By setting standards, clearly defining expectations, and greater transparency, Kevin hopes to foster a safe and beneficial Greek Life here at UT.


Will Douglass is a sophomore member of kappa alpha order and the Vice President of Greek relations. He is an accounting major in the McCombs school of business and hopes to help IFC fulfill their role in the Greek community. IFC is defined as the governing body of fraternities at the university of Texas. Will's goal as Vice President of Greek relations consist of fulfilling that role through numerous new and improved ideas. Will's job is to improve relations through many different aspects of Greek life. Will's main focus this semester will focus on reducing liabilities for fraternities as a whole through new and improved policies agreed upon by the whole executive team.


Landon Hackley is a sophomore Pike studying biomedical engineering at UT. His goals as VP of Philanthropy are to bring together the Austin community through philanthropy work that will impact the lives of people across Travis County through events like 'Roundup for B+', the Annual IFC Benefit Concert, and many more.