The B+ Foundation

The B+ Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to one day eliminate childhood cancer. B+ raises funds to support cancer research and also support families affected by childhood cancer. B+ will be receiving almost all revenue generated by wristband sales. For more information about B+, please visit

The B+ Heroes program involves a group "adopting" a child going through childhood cancer. Many organizations within the Greek Community, including ourselves at Texas IFC, participate in this program.


Our buddy, Karter Linscott, is the B+ Hero for the Texas IFC. While we as an IFC are involved in Karter's life, he continues to make an even more meaningful impact on our members. Through the times that we've been to Karter's baseball games, hung out with him and his family around the holidays, and celebrated his birthday, we have come to realize how special of an individual that Karter is. His positivity, energy, and happy-go-lucky personality make him a true man's man, and the lasting impression that he continues to leave on our members truly makes Karter a Hero.