The Governing Body of Mens Social Fraternities

at the University of Texas at Austin


A Letter From the IFC President


My name is Peter Driscoll, and I am honored to be serving as your IFC President in 2018. On behalf of the 25 chapters and over 2400 members that comprise the Interfraternity Council at The University of Texas at Austin, I welcome you to the IFC website. 

The Interfraternity Council, and its member fraternities, are an active, tight knit community deeply ingrained in the culture of UT. Texas IFC has served as a governing body for men’s fraternities for 97 years, since 1921. This longevity is a testament to the positive role fraternities play in guiding young men through their university experience. 

The UT Greek System fosters opportunities that align with the core values of The University of Texas: learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Gentlemen of UT fraternities develop life-long friendships that allow them grow scholastically through networking and mentorship. Greek life at UT cultivates strong leadership skills and ambitious mindsets, providing a foundation for its members to tackle real-world problems when they enter the workforce. Many of my collegiate leadership experiences have stemmed from IFC; ranging from my role as a Director of Risk Reduction in 2017, to my current position as IFC President. The social, networking, and leadership opportunities that I have been afforded by Greek life were a valuable addition to my university experience. 

I am firmly committed to actualizing the following goals for the Interfraternity Council in 2018: 

  • Fundamentally remodel IFC recruitment to increase IFC membership by at least 10%  

  • Implement best practices in event management in all chapters 

  • Improve the organization of Greek philanthropic events, accurately account for the quantity of charitable funds raised by Greek organizations

  • Rooting out hazing in all member chapters 

  • Increase diversity and inclusivity of fall 2018 chapter pledge classes 

  • Increase IFC-wide GPA 

 I hope our website will answer any and all questions you may have. If not, please contact me or other Executive Board members with questions. 

Hook’em Horns, 

President | Texas Interfraternity Council


Your 2018 Executive Board